Ceremony Tips and Inspiration

Looking back on my wedding three years ago, let’s just say that I knew little to NOTHING. I didn’t know what to expect, how to plan or the top things to check before the big day. Fast forward a few years and about 100 weddings later, and I finally feel equipped enough to share what I’ve learned! Because this single post could be made into a novel, I decided to start with the root of your day… the ceremony. It’s why we are all here. To watch you say “I do” and mark the next adventure in your storybook of love! And you deserve for that moment to be as amazing as possible. Am I right?! This is why we are going to go over weather and lighting and how to prepare for all three types of sun (shaded, overcast and direct). I’ll also be sharing some beautiful ceremony decor and how any setup can truly set the scene for your wedding. Let’s get started!

Alright, you know you’ve done it a few times… that’s right you. We have all prayed and hoped for the perfect weather for our weddings (it’s okay… same). However, regardless of the sky’s mood for the day, your wedding will be stunning! Being prepared is your number one way to handle any type of forecast!

Let’s start with a cloudless, sunny blue sky. If you notice below, our couple had their set-up facing the sun. They wanted to make sure there was a specific mountain for their backdrop so their set-up is nice and bright! This isn’t a bad thing in the slightest, just know that if you do face the sun, your photos may have a few shadows and it will be a little bright. If it is direct sun, and there are no landscape must-haves, I recommend facing your shadow. As Lexy is walking in, she is facing her shadow, so the sun is actually behind her. This limits some of the shadows and gives her a beautiful golden glow.

What if your wedding is overcast or late in the evening (meaning the sun isn’t hanging out with us). Guess what? It’s totally okay! For one, your guests are going to be more comfortable and no matter which direction you face, you will be perfectly lit- no pun intended. Although we don’t get that “golden glow”, as you can see, it is still stunning!

And here we have our ceremony beneath a massive beautiful tree! This day was completely sunny but Telia and Justin chose to get married in the soft shade. If you have this option, I would highly recommend it! Although the light may be a bit splotchy in areas, we still get that golden light while being comfortable.

Now that you feel amazing and equipped no matter what the sun decides to do, we can go over the fun stuff… your ceremony set-up! Below are some beautiful options for you to consider. Whether you want an arch with woodsy greenery for an adventurous vibe, a classic and elegant backdrop or a simple boho look, a few small touches will create your dream vibe.

As for seating, your guests are going to be perfectly comfortable no matter which chair option you choose (wood or white). It truly depends on the look you are going for and what you like better! There are a few looks below to help you weigh the options!

Lastly, providing your guests with something to take into the ceremony is such a fun option. Below you will see an adorable champagne cart (each guest got a complimentary glass or bottled water). They were also given a ribbon stick to wave once the bride and groom said “I do”. How cute?! If you want your photos to have something extra unique, consider something fun for your guests to get involved with. I’m very supportive of bubbles or confetti- the options are endless!

I hope this was helpful for planning your big day! Just know, that no matter what decor your choose or how the weather turns out, at the end of the day you will be married and it’s going to be magical! Honestly, in comparison, nothing else matters! I would love to hear all about your big day below! And can’t wait to see how amazing it will be.